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Meet the Team


Nicole Winfield

Project Coordinator


Angela Williams

Social Media/Marketing


Bob Villones


Matt LaRosh


Jordan LaRosh

Budget Advisor


Jessica Nelson

Planned Events


Scott Morris

City Communications

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Renee Settlemires

Volunteer Coordinator

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Lon Ford


A Note From the Family:

This project started how any other dream starts. As just that, a BIG dream. But it didn't stop there. It grew, and along with it WE grew. We started sharing this dream with others, praying hard and the next thing we knew, others started believing in it too. Before we knew it, we had a passionate team of individuals ready to bring this BIG dream to life. We could not have done any of this without our amazing team. We want to thank each of them from the bottom of our hearts.


But, this isn't about us, our family, or our amazing team. It's about Him. Our hope is to bring back to the forefront the true meaning of Christmas. However, we did want to say 'Hi!' and show our faces. That way, if you see us around, or next year when we ask if you'd like to lend a hand, you'll know who we are and what we are so excited to bring to Enid. 


Sincerely ,

The Williams Family,
Kyle & Carol Williams
Alex & Angela Williams
Matt & Jordan LaRosh

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Karlee Cline

Social Media/Marketing

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