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About The One

The One is a multi-event experience spanning through the holidays in Enid, Oklahoma. The keystone of our event is the world's tallest fresh-cut Christmas tree, measuring at an astonishing one hundred and forty feet tall.


With the intention of building community, strengthening bonds and reinvigorating the meaning of Christmas, we hope you'll join us for an unforgettable holiday season.

This event is completely free to everyone! 


The One began as a passion project in the hearts of an Enid, Oklahoma family. We wanted to bring the community together during the holidays, and stir up that classic, heart-warming Christmas spirit feeling.

We set out to capture the hearts and minds of our town, championing our keystone piece, the Christ Tree, a 140 foot tall, live-cut Christmas tree. For your perspective, the ever-famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree averages 77 feet.

But this isn't about who's got the biggest tree.

The tree is a marker for the true One, the immeasurable One, God.


The massive tree, containing countless sprigs of fir, also represents us and our community. No two sprigs are the same, and they come together to form a magnificent sight. Each one is unique, yet an integral part of the whole, just like we are described in 1 Corinthians 12.

When you're gathered with your family, surrounded by our beautiful Christmas trees, partaking in the fun events planned, we hope you remember: Soli Deo Gloria. All glory be to God.

May you find your Joy, Hope, and Peace through Christ, not only this holiday season, but everyday.

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